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The author is just cruising through the area and enjoys the landscape… — you might think. But this is far from reality. It already starts with the preparation of these trails. There is a lot of research and reading involved to figure out from the old explorers diaries where they might have been travelled through the area. And then this route has to be mapped out on current roads and circled around private properties with “No Trespassing”.

While travelling I am permanently looking for nice pictures and video taping to have some interesting stuff for my visitors. This also includes high investments in video cameras, photo and accessories. These expenses easily reach the middle four digit range…

Last but not least all this video and photos have to be prepared for the web pages, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Additionally there is a lot of writing involved in two languages for the web pages to take the readers with me on the whole journey. Look at the web pages and you will see you get a big book just for free!

If you just look at my work time I am working at least 5 days for one day on the web page. That’s why I am a bit behind with my trails on the web pages, because I have to live from something…

But now it is up to you how things will go on with my web page. I would appreciate any financial support and thereby recognition of all the work involved. Just choose from the list below any amount you like, which you can pay comfortable via Paypal. You can also choose or change the value to any value you like as well as the currency on the Paypal page after clicking one of the links.

An entry in the Hall of Fame?

I would love to have you there! Just let my know during your Paypal payment under which name you want to show up there. You can also send me an email any time if you want to be removed from this list. Just be sure you send your email from the email linked to your Paypal account.

If you have questions or you want to know what else you can do to support me just send me a message to my Contact.

Interested in Merchandise?

In the meantime I have an own shop for merchandise in cooperation with Spreadshirt. Everything from ordering, payment and shipment will be managed by Spreadshirt. I just get a provision for every sold item. Just take a look at my FollowTheExplorers Merchandise Shop and maybe you see something you like!

There is also a second shop in Germany available. Maybe you will find in this FollowTheExplorers Merchandise Shop something you like more!

Support by buying from Amazon Germany

There are links to Amazon products from these web pages, which are clearly marked as advertising. If you follow one of these links and you buy a product directly after following this link I will receive a small provision. This will help to finance these web pages.

Thank you so much for being an active supporter and keeping that project alive!

Interested in a Presentation?

I am not only talking about this journey but also give you a link to the historical background. Let me know, if you want to travel with me on this historic trail! Just send me a message to my Contact data to learn more about rates and conditions.

You plan to do a journey like that?

I am happy to assist you in plannung such a journey on a hourly rate. We can completely adjust the journey to your needs and likes. Let me know if you prefer more paved roads or gravel roads, if you like to drive more or if you are a hiker — or maybe you like more to see the museums?

Just send me a message at my Contact data to learn more about rates and conditions. Tell me roughly what you are planning to do and I can tell you immediately if I am able to assist you. This first contact is absolutely free of charge and without any obligations!