Unimog U1550 Expedition Truck

The new Explorer Truck

In December 2017 I bought this Unimog, which I will now modify to be a real Expedition Truck. The rework on the shelter can be read in Unimog Shelter Rework. All work on the truck itself can be found in Unimog Truck Rework.

  • Front
  • Unimog U1550 Expedition Truck Unimog U1550 Expedition Truck
    Unimog U1550 Expedition Truck
  • Some technical information:
  • Build 90, first time on the road 91
  • Engine 6l Diesel Inter cooling, approx. 200HP
  • 7.49t
  • Unicat Shelter
  • Roof Rack with branch deflector
  • 2x250l Diesel tanks, electrical switchover and with SEPAR Diesel heater
  • 8 gear Double-H Standard, all gears forward and reverse
  • Split gear and working gear resulting in 32 different usable gears
  • Very fast axles for maximum speed of 68mph
  • 4WD and locks can be activated separately