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Data Privacy Statement

1. Responsible Person and Provider

Responsible person and provider (named provider in the following context) according to General Data Protection Regulation

  • Robert Götz
  • Kemptenerstr. 42d
  • 87647 Unterthingau
  • Germany
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel.: +49-(0)8377-4289982

2. Scope

This data privacy statement show the user which data will be collected and processed. It will also be demonstrated for which purpose this data will be collected. The effective data privacy statement is the one currently present.

3. Data Security

For your protection all personalized data will be transmitted 128 Bit SSL secured via Internet. The provider secures his web presence by technical and organizational measures for loss, destruction, access, alteration and distribution of your data by means of unauthorized third party. Please be aware that a complete protection of your data in the Internet is not possible despite regular controls.

4. Data Thriftiness

The provider tries to collect and process as less data as possible to offer his services. The following shows which data is absolutely necessary to provide his service after considering the absolute minimum.

5. General Data

The browser submits data to the internet provider of the provider with every web page visit. This data is at least the IP address of the user. Without this information it would be impossible to deliver the web page.

Additionally the browser submits data like browser type, version, preferred language and some other technical details. This data will only be used where it is necessary to optimize the web page delivery, e.g. the preferred language. The user has the possibility to alter the setting in his browser to change the type and amount of data transmitted and (depending on browser type) to completely stop data transmission.

The internet provider of the provider also stores part of this transmitted information additionally to a shorted IP address for statistics. This storage at the internet provider is partly anonymized by shorting the IP address which makes it impossible to track this information back to an individual. A detailed description can be found at the web pages of the Internet Provider.

6. Contacting the provider

Due to data thriftiness there is no contact form at these web pages. If you click on the email address the default email program of your operating system starts. There will be no data transmitted during this operation. The provider email address will be transmitted to the email program automatically by the web browser.

After submitting your email the provider receives additional data like IP address of the mail servers involved, email program used and version. Type and amount of data depends on the email program used and the settings. The provider has no influence on the data your email program will submit.

The provider only uses the email address of the sender. This is necessary to submit the answer. The received email will be stored together with the answer for 3 years at the provider. The user can also ask for an immediate deletion of his email by stating this in his email. Please be aware that the provider cannot answer on deleted emails later.

7. Newsletter

The submitted newsletter informs you about current changes of this web page as well as news about the journey. The provider takes care that in average there will be no more than one newsletter per month.

The newsletter may use pictures of the providers web pages, which are under his copyright. In this case the same data will be collected for the pictures like explained in 3. The browser is your email program in that case.

The user can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking on the newsletter link in the footer. The server and services for newsletter management are hosted at the external provider CleverReach. This provider is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation and has only servers in Europe. All user data given on the subscription page (email and name/pseudonym) will only be used to personalize the newsletter and will not be passed on to third parties. The user can unsubscribe directly from the newsletter or by sending an email to the address given above at any time. The collected data of the user will be deleted latest one month after unsubscribing as long as there are no legal requirements for longer storage. By submitting the data on the subscription page the user agrees to the data collection and data privacy statement. After submitting the form the user receives a confirmation email with a confirmation link. The newsletter will only be activated if the user clicks on this confirmation link (so called double–opt–in).

The newsletter database and program to send out the newsletter is stored at the provider CleverReach. They are secured by strong passwords and access restrictions to minimize the risks for unauthorized third party access. There is no absolute security possible. But the provider and newsletter provider are doing all reasonable measures to secure your data.

When using the subscription page the provider uses the Google service reCaptcha to determine if a human or robot is doing an entry in the newsletter subscription form. Google verifies by the following data if there is a human or robot entering the data: IP address of the entering device, the web page the user accessed and where the captcha is included, the date and length of stay at this page, the data submitted by the web browser and operating system, the Google account if the user is logged in, the mouse movements on the captcha areas as well as the tasks where the user has to identify pictures. Legal foundation for the described data collection is Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f of General Data Protection Regulation. There is a legitimate interest of the provider for this data collection to secure the web pages of the provider and to protect from automated entries (attacks). This is also the only place at the whole pages where Javascript is needed.

8. Integration of YouTube Videos

The videos on these web pages are integrated from YouTube. The integration will be done in “Extended Data Protection Mode” which shall not use Cookies according to YouTube. But it is already necessary to establish a connection to YouTube at this point and the browser will transmit the data mentioned in 3. to YouTube. According to YouTube there will be no data used and the linked data privacy statement in the next paragraph is valid. See also the YouTube Description for extended data protection.

If you start to play videos YouTube uses Cookies and builds up a connection to the network DoubleClick. For all embedded and played video the YouTube und Google Data Privacy Statements are valid.

9. External Links

By clicking on some links you leave the web pages of this provider and reach the web pages of another provider. At these web pages the data privacy of these providers apply, where the provider of this web page is not responsible for.

You can easily identify if a link is external by placing the mouse pointer over it. The browser shows the destination in a little pop–up or in the footer. If this doesn’t start with “” it is an external link.

10. Cookies and Tracking

Due to user data thriftiness of this service the provider completely resigned from using Cookies or other tracking mechanism. Only the newsletter by the provider CleverReach has some tracking that cannot be disabled. See also the Data Privacy Statement of CleverReach.

11. Right to Information, Alteration, Adjustment, Deletion, Revocation, Update

Every user has the right about information of his personalized data without any fee, as well as adjustment or deletion (if no legal obligation to retain this data is in charge) or data reduction in collection as well as a right of revocation for processing his data and the right for data thriftiness. It is sufficient to send a plain email as given in 6. to the provider. The user also has the right to legal remedy at the surveillance authority (LDA at Ansbach).