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The Trails

Follow me on my travels through the United States of America. I am following the trails of the early explorers, who started to draw maps of the unexplored regions of the USA, discovered new plants and animals and established the first trades with the Natives.

Trail Maps USA

The order of my trails is given by the historical order. In 1999 I started with the George Washington Trail in 1754. I have just finished the eighth part of Jedediah Smith trails in the year 1827. Read more about my trails in the Trail Overview. The next trails will be the remaining trails of Jedediah Smith in the years 1826—1831, who explored the whole West.

Have fun and enjoy my web pages! I am glad to receive any comments or reviews from you. Just use the e-mail in the Contact section. You can also use this e-mail to subscribe to my newsletter. Then you will receive a message on updates of my webpage as well as a brief summary of my last trail.

Important Note:The trail in 2016 is the last trail for now. Unfortunately my mechanic in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, has so tremendously screwed up my car that it is almost impossible to get the truck back on the road with a reasonable amount of money. I am also lacking time and money to build up a new Explorers Truck in the US. It took many years to modify this truck in a way that it is suitable for my extraordinary traveling. A new truck has to be modified with the same amount of time over many years and testing, which is impossible for me to do. But if I should find any solution to be back on the trails I will let you know! You should never give up hope! Let’s hope this project does not come to an end because of one bad mechanic!