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Helpful People along the Road

And a special thank to all those people who helped me out of trouble or supported me on my trails:


  • Kurt, Bryce & Jonathan
  • My “Savers” Kurt, Bryce and Jonathan My “Savers” Kurt, Bryce and Jonathan
    My “Savers” Kurt, Bryce and Jonathan
    My Muddy 88 S10 Blazer My Muddy 88 S10 Blazer
    My Muddy 88 S10 Blazer
    In 2013 a got really stucked in the mud for the first time. When Kurt, Bryce and Jonathan passed by, the hooked me up on their winch without hesitating and helped me to get out of the ditch. Thanks to you guys I was even able to drive the whole trip I planned for that day! You are real Offroaders! Thanks again to you, you saved my day!


  • Melanie, Rachelle & Zuly
  • In 2012 I had a “breakdown” myself: I got salmonellae from a chicken dinner. They took care of me like being a family member until I was able to move again. A big Thank You to all of you again!


  • Steve & Joy
  • I also met Steve & Joy in 2008 on my Stephen H. Long Trail. They were so kind to let me explore their property and they explained to me the problem they have in southeast Colorado. Take a look at the fight they are facing together with other farmers in this area to preserve the Pinon Canyon area.
  • Tuffy
  • I met Tuffy in 2008 along the Canadian River, which I was following on my Stephen H. Long Trail. He allowed me to cross his property to stay close to the river. Thanks again!


  • Richard
  • In 2004 Richard gave me a lot of good hints to find the original place of Pike’s Stockade and the location of the Pawnee Indian Village in 1806. If you are going to visit the museum, please say hello to Richard from the German Explorer!
  • Jerry and his wife
  • I got stucked in the Great Bend area in Kansas on top of a hill (centered my truck pretty good on the frame) in 2004 and they pulled me out with their Pickup.


  • Dave
  • I met Dave 2001 in the Missouri Breaks area in Montana, where I was following parts of the Lewis & Clark Trail I was not able to follow in 1999 with my rental car. He showed me a lot of nice views from his property down to the River and invited my for a snack. Read more about how we met on my Lewis & Clark Trail Back Day 31.