Robert Stuart Trail 1812 — 1813

Day 3: August 14th, 2007 Pittsburgh — Stewartsville

Around 8am I depart today.

On I–79 I drive north to the intersection with I–80. On this one I turn to the east.

Interstate 80, PA Interstate 80, PA
Interstate 80, PA
Interstate 80, PA Interstate 80, PA
Interstate 80, PA

There is a lot of truck traffic, but I still make good progress. From Du Bois on, traffic is getting less. But there is still a lot of traffic on the other side.

After countless road constructions I approach the state line to New Jersey. On Highway 33, which is built like an Interstate, I drive south to Easton.

Highway 22, Easton, PA Highway 22, Easton, PA
Highway 22, Easton, PA

Then I cross the Delaware River and the toll bridge to New Jersey.

88 S10 Blazer, OK4WD, Stewartsville, NJ 88 S10 Blazer, OK4WD, Stewartsville, NJ
88 S10 Blazer, OK4WD, Stewartsville, NJ

Now, Stewartsville is not too far away. The city traffic is also behind me without taking any wrong directions. So I arrive around 2pm at OK4WD. Steve from the service team is already informed about everything and we discuss the installation work and all the special repairs I need. Video taping is also no problem. I am allowed to enter the garage at any time to document the installation work! This is really great!

Next he introduces me to Jeremy, who will do the main work on my truck. Regarding hotel, both suggest the Holiday Inn, because along I–80 is one of the major drug exchange places and I should be careful. The next task is to get a rental car. But their usual rental car company has no car left. But the other district office of Enterprise in Washington has one car left — but only the biggest one: A Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck!

Until they deliver the truck I can use the remaining time to video tape the first preparation work. Today they will open the differential to count the teeth to be able to order the correct locking differential.

Enterprise picks me up and we drive to their district office. There we do the paper work and for the next couple of days I have the fantastic chance to drive a full–size truck for the first time in my life! The size of the truck feels definitely new, but sitting this high is really great. All in all my view is now above the roofs of the regular cars.

Now I am driving back to OK4WD to pick up my luggage. Then I say good–bye for today and drive over to the hotel. Despite having directions, I still search for an eternity, which is developing to an ordeal — because my head is almost exploding due to headaches! But finally I arrive there. The next shock is with the bill: $140 + tax! I expected this will be expensive, but didn’t expected to be this expensive…

Lucky me, I have only asked for one night stay. As a funny side note, at the reception works a young lady who is originally from Freiburg, who emigrated with her parents, when she was 8 years old. When asking for steaks, she recommends the Clinton House.

After my head started to clear up with the help of Ibuprofen, I leave with my full–size truck. First I drive over to Wal–Mart to get some water and cookies — and also a Prepaid Card to call home. Then I continue to the Clinton House. When trying to find a parking spot, you really realize the dimensions of this truck. But I am able to find a spot.

The restaurant looks really classy and so is the price! The Greek guy at the entrance gives me a skeptical look, but gives me a table. The dinner is excellent and finally they even have an Espresso! But it didn’t really tasted well. It felt like they just ran a regular coffee through an espresso machine.

Around a quarter to nine I pay and leave the restaurant. Before I leave I have a brief chat with the Greek guy. Then I hit the road. The hotel is just a couple of minutes away. But because I will drive some distance in the next couple of days, I fill up the gas tank first. Unfortunately I completely forgot that New Jersey has no self service gas stations. But the black employee shows up pretty fast and takes care of the filling process. Then I drive to my hotel. After I checked my video taping of today I go to bed around half past eleven.

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  • Breakfast: Home
  • Dinner: Clinton House, Clinton
  • Motel: Holiday Inn, Clinton
  • Distance: 395 miles