Zebulon Montgomery Pike Trail to Red River, Mexico Journey 1807

Day 3: September 30th, 2003 Pittsburgh (Chevy Dealer)

Tonight we had night frost. This really makes me looking forward to working on my car. Around 8:45am I hand over my car to the Chevy dealer in Wexford. This time Rich Stuart takes care of me, who is much friendlier and nicer than his colleague from last year.

He immediately takes a look at the broken part and put it on the repair list. Beside the usual emission and inspection they shall also the change brake fluid. In the end the last change is already two years ago.

Also the fuel filter and sparks are ready for a change. After I told all my tasks I wait for Helen in the show room. Then we drive back home with a brief stop at the bank and the hair stylist (just to make an appointment).

Back home I continue to repack my stuff. When I am finished I walk through all overnight places of Pike and note them in my maps. Late afternoon my Chevy dealer eventually calls me.

He tells me that my car will be finished by tomorrow, because I dropped her in late. Unfortunately Jay didn’t told me about that, when I made my appointment. Next time I know better. They also tell me, that my truck is losing oil.

I explain to them that, it is my rear main seal and they shall leave it as it is. He wants to call me back tomorrow around 10am, when they finished emission testing. Hopefully they will not find too much issues. Unfortunately I have lost now a whole day, which screws a bit up my plans for the rest of my journey.

Oh well, now it’s time for dinner. Then we finished the day the American way with chips and watching TV. Around ten I go to bed again.

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