Zebulon Montgomery Pike Trail to the sources of the Mississippi 1805 — 1806

Day 11: August 21st, 2002 Pittsburgh (Last Preparations)

Despite my changed ground wiring I still have communication issues between my two battery computers.Therefore I decide to simplify the disconnection of my backup battery to reset the computers by installing a switch. First I drive over to Pep Boys to look for a suitable one. I also buy some spare hoses for my transmission cooler. The hoses could be damaged and without I am really in trouble. I also need some cables. Next stop is Wal Mart where I get some kitchen towels.

Back home I see that Helen cleans her car. This reminds me that I also wanted to wash and polish my car. I took a special acryl based polish with me from Germany for that. After the installation of my switch I drive to a car wash. Then I start to polish my car. Unfortunately I forgot to get some rags, so I have to use my kitchen towels.

Also the sun is really burning which makes my polishing act difficult. But eventually I make it. Then it’s time for my windows. But I don’t know where Helen has stored her cleaning stuff. I also don’t want to search through everything. I also cannot ask her because today is part two of the laying out from noon to the evening. So I leave another time for shopping.

When leaving I see that the gas tank needle is very close to empty. I have learned from my experiance last year on the Interstate and my first stop now is a gas station. Then I need some spare hose clamps. But I am not able to find one at Pep Boys or Wal Mart. So I drive on to Trader Horn where I got my threaded bar before. After a while of searching I find them. I also take some window cleaner with me. Who knows, maybe I can also use it on the road.

Then I drive back home and prepare my car for the departure tomorrow. Around half past seven I drive for the first time this year to my Outback Steakhouse. My server had been in Germany recently and we have a nice chat. Around a quarter to nine I leave the Outback and drive home. I spend the rest of the evening again watching CMT until Helen arrives. Then I go to bed. Tomorrow I am eventually able to leave.

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