George Washington Trail

Day 4: August 24th, 1999 Pittsburgh — Erie

Slowly I am getting used to the new time zone. I have breakfast at Kings Family Restaurant again. At a quarter to ten I start my trail. The first part is following the Highway 65 along the banks of the Ohio, until I reach Freedom.

Backroad Pennsylvania Backroad Pennsylvania
Backroad Pennsylvania

There I leave the main Highways and follow my trail on paved and gravel roads to Franklin. I reach Highway 8, which I follow to the next backroad branch.

The landscape is slowly changing. I started with the steeper slopes of the Appalachian which have changed now to smooth small hills. Also the woods are nearly gone. At Meadville I reach Highway 19 which I follow alternately with backroads. Soon I reach I-90, which I follow to the west to my todays destination, the Best Western Motel. There is also a small restaurant nearby, but as there is only one guest, I decided to find another restaurant. I drive on to Erie and ended up with a Perkins Family Restaurant. At half past seven I leave the restaurant and drive back to my motel in a little bit of rain.

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  • Breakfast: King’s Family Restaurant, Pittsburgh
  • Dinner: Perkins Family Restaurant, Erie
  • Motel: Best Western Motel Presque Isle Country Inn
  • Distance: 210 miles