John Colter Trail 1807 — 1808

Day 3: August 16th, 2005 Pittsburgh (Chevrolet Dealer)

In the morning I call the spare parts department of my Chevrolet dealer. But they also don’t have suitable rims for my car in stock. He could order some, but the delivery time would be between three and five days. The risk of arriving late is too high for me. Therefore I don’t order them.

I search the internet and also call a bunch of other dealers. But I have no luck in getting suitable rims. Eventually I give up and watch the DVD I made for a friend in Prairie Du Chien from visiting the cave she was a tour guide in. Around 1pm my car is ready for pick up. But Helen is not at home. Therefore I must wait until a quarter to four until the Chevrolet dealer shuttle arrives.

Before I pick up my car at the dealer, I walk over to the spare parts store. There I must realize that the original rims are no longer available. I just order now the correct driven gear for my speedometer, then I pick up my car. Unfortunately the replacement of the main brake cylinder has not fixed the issue with the slow coming back brake pedal.

First thing I do now is to drive over to Wal–Mart to buy engine oil and the other spare parts. Then I drive over to Pep Boys to get the spare parts for the automatic oil change. By accident they put five oil filters and no oil on my bill. Unfortunately I realize their mistake when I am already back home. So I must drive tomorrow again over to them. Helen already prepared dinner for us in the meantime. Then we spend the rest of the evening with watching TV.

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