John Colter Trail 1807 — 1808

Day 2: August 15th, 2005 Pittsburgh (Mine)

I prepare my breakfast and jump into my old clothes. But it seems now, that I must get my car before my suitcase arrives. Therefore I decide to have at least a shower. Then I put on my old clothes again and we drive over to the mine. My car starts immediately without any issues — absolutely unbelievable!

Then we drive back home. When we arrive Helen prepares a sandwich for me as lunch. Then she must leave again. My suitcase should arrive soon. And indeed, after almost an hour my suitcase arrives and I am able to put on fresh clothes — and to shave!

Then I drive over to Pep Boys to get new rims and tires. The tires I want are available, but no suitable rims. The rims they are able to get would not fit, because they have a different rim offset and would stick out of the wheel housing too much. Therefore I drive over to a junk yard. But they only have half or completely rusted rims. In contrast I have a longer chat with the owner, who already was one time in Germany.

Empty–handed I must drive back and drop my car at the Chevrolet dealer around half past five. Unfortunately I don’t have my registration with me. Therefore I quickly call Helen that she can turn around and pick it up at home. As service, my dealer puts the new stickers on my license plate. Then we drive home and I enjoy another evening in front of the TV.

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