Lewis and Clark Trail Back Home 1805 — 1806

Day 4: August 15th, 2001 Pittsburgh (Waiting for Car)

Today I build up my tent. It is not too complicated. It works pretty well after I took a brief look at the instructions. Hopefully it will work as good out in the wild!

David returns around 1pm and tells me that my car should be ready. But his Mom has an appointment, so he is trying to get a hold on the mechanics. And they have really finished their job!

We drive immediately to the mechanic. But the bill is a killer: It costs more than $1700!

The mechanic explains briefly what had to be done. Then I take my car and drive back home. Now I can start to install my charging unit. But it is way more work than expected. And tomorrow I still have plenty of other work…

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  • Distance: 17 miles