Lewis and Clark Trail Back Home 1805 — 1806

Day 37: September 17th, 2001 Chicago — Detroit

There is also a Cracker Barrel close to my motel. This is where I go for breakfast, but already pretty late. The evening yesterday was really long. Then I drive over to Wal Mart to fill up my drinking water and get another video tape. Now I should have enough tapes for the last part of my journey. I totally underestimated the amount of tapes I need in the Rocky Mountains…

Before I start my journey to Detroit I get some gas. I am ready to roll a quarter past twelve. First I drive to I–80. I call my friends in Detroit just past the state line to Indiana. They are pretty excited about my arrival and I tell them an approximate time when I will arrive.

Then I continue on I–94 which I follow all the way to Detroit and the exit my friends gave me. It is easy to find the way to their home, but I miss the house itself. I am not used to have house numbers counted by an increase of 20.

But I soon discover my mistake and find the house now without a big search. There is a big hello when I arrive. Currently they build a big tree house in the garden for their youngest son. We drive over to the school to pick up the older brother who is attending the game as line judge. There I also meet the wife of the guy Matt asked when I was looking for a car last year.

Then we drive back home. Jean has prepared dinner in the meantime. We have a nice evening talk before we are all going to bed. Matt planned to convince me to visit the Henry Ford Museum tomorrow. But I don’t have enough time for the visit. I promise to plan it in on my next visit. For now I am extremely tired and go to bed.

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  • Breakfast: Cracker Barrel, Chicago
  • Dinner: Matt & Jean, Detroit
  • Motel: Matt & Jean, Detroit
  • Distance: 297 miles