Lewis and Clark Trail Back Home 1805 — 1806

Day 38: September 18th, 2001 Detroit — Pittsburgh

Today is the last leg of my journey. I will have to travel around 350 miles to Pittsburgh. But first I can enjoy a great breakfast with bacon and eggs and everything you can think of prepared by Jean. But we don’t have plenty of time, because everyone has to work today. But it still takes me until half past ten before I am ready for departure. We have a hearty good bye and I am really looking forward to visit them one day again.

First I return to I–94. But before I enter the Interstate I make a side trip to the nearest gas station. Around a quarter past eleven I am on my way to Pittsburgh. From I–94 I turn onto I–275.

On I–75 I reach Toledo and the state line to Ohio.

Sandusky Bay, Highway 2, OH Sandusky Bay, Highway 2, OH
Sandusky Bay, Highway 2, OH

I leave the Interstate at the junction with Highway 2. This highway follows the shores of Lake Erie and takes me through Sandusky Bay.

Back on I–90 I turn onto I–77 South at Cleveland. This way I am able to circle around the toll on I–80. I am not in a hurry and can take a little detour.

I follow I–77 to Akron where I turn onto I–76 East.

Now I follow this Interstate until I reach I–80. From there on I–80 is free for travel and I reach the last state of my journey: Pennsylvania.

Past the state line it is only a short distance until I change Interstates for the last time, now going I–79 South to Pittsburgh. It almost feels like coming home. David offered me that I can stay at his house again when I return. I already called a couple of days ahead, so he knows that I will arrive. I hope he will be home this early.

It’s just 5pm when I enter his driveway, But it looks he is not home yet. So I decide to drive over to Helen to maybe wait there. But she is also not home. So I drive back to David and wait there.

I think about what I can do in the meantime and I remember that I still have a full 5 gallon gas can which I can empty in my gas tank. There is also a one gallon can and a little bit is left in my camping stove. This I also fill into my gas tank.

Then I collect my stuff in my car together and also check the video tapes of today. Just when I finished my movies David arrives. It’s just past six and I am happy that he had not to work until nine today. As he has not to work late today I suggest to have dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. I am back from a very long drive and I am really hungry.

He likes the idea and we drive over to the Outback. We have a nice talking and leave the restaurant around eleven. Back home we soon go to bed. Tomorrow I plan to wash my car. I don’t think I will get too much else done tomorrow.

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  • Breakfast: Matt & Jean, Detroit
  • Dinner: Outback Steakhouse, Pittsburgh
  • Motel: David, Pittsburgh
  • Distance: 331 miles