Robert Stuart Trail 1812 — 1813

Day 7: August 18th, 2007 Stewartsville — Pittsburgh

At 9am is my appointment at Keystone Doge. I hurry up and I am there already at half past eight after a huge breakfast at Bob Evans. After waiting for an hour and walking through the used cars area on their property, they tell me that they are unfortunately not able to do emission and inspection, because they are missing a special device for doing emission. This is something they could have told me earlier! All in all, Jason had given them all necessary information! But in turn they have charged nothing which is fair. But how can I get my sticker now?!

Interstate 78, PA Interstate 78, PA
Interstate 78, PA

I drive back to OK4WD and tell Jason about my problems. He immediately starts calling several companies that I am able to get my sticker. After an hour we have the idea that even Pep Boys should be able to do these tests. And they are also open on Saturdays. So we call Pep Boys in Cranberry and they are indeed able to do everything! However, it will not work out today, because I would arrive too late. But I shall be there on Sunday morning! That sounds like a promise!

88 S10 Blazer BDS Lift Kit, OK4WD, Stewartsville, NJ 88 S10 Blazer BDS Lift Kit, OK4WD, Stewartsville, NJ
88 S10 Blazer BDS Lift Kit, OK4WD, Stewartsville, NJ

So I say good–bye to everyone and Jim even give me one of his shirts as present. I return the favor by handing over $50 for the crew. He should buy something for them. I suggested a beer but that is not allowed during work time…

On my drive back home I soon have my first traffic jam: From Highway 33 to I–80 we first have a parking lot. But after a short amount of time the traffic starts rolling again. All in all I make good progress for a Saturday.

88 S10 Blazer BDS Lift Kit, PA 88 S10 Blazer BDS Lift Kit, PA
88 S10 Blazer BDS Lift Kit, PA

Around 5pm I am back at Helen’s house. She is not at home. When she comes back later she tells me, that she hasn’t seen my text message — she had never used text messaging before and she doesn’t know how that works. I tell her about my problem with the emission testing and that I have tomorrow morning at 9am an appointment at Pep Boys. That is really good, because then I am able to have breakfast with her friends tomorrow!

But for now I want to take a look at my car radio, because this loose contact will drive me crazy sooner or later. After a while of investigation I am able to figure out how this car radio can be removed. But unfortunately I am not able to find any bad soldering in the radio. Therefore I decide to just buy a new radio.

First I drive over to Pep Boys. But I am not able to find a car radio which I like. At least I am able to find a mounting frame, which I buy. Then I drive over to Wal–Mart. There I find a reasonably priced Sony car radio — and also the mounting frame for just half the price! Again, I am ripped off by Pep Boys. But I couldn’t remember that Wal–Mart also has mounting frames. But at least I was able to buy an adapter connector here.

Then the installation work starts. This keeps me busy way longer than expected. So I am finished not before half past nine. Now it is too late to drive over to the Outback Steakhouse. Therefore I just make a quick sandwich. Then I fall dead tired in my bed…

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