Robert Stuart Trail 1812 — 1813

Day 8: August 19th, 2007 Pittsburgh — Detroit

At 8am is the big breakfast with Helen and her friends Virginia and Cathy. It is a real nice breakfast and just before nine I must say good–bye. In honor of the occasion, Helen invites me for breakfast!

Exactly on time, I arrive at Pep Boys. While I must wait until my car is finished, I walk over to the Wal–Mart next door and buy a couple of CDs. When I return, they are way earlier finished than I expected. But to my surprise the truck does not pass emission! She is running too rich! They sell me a cleaner and then let me go. I have no chance to get the car through emission today. Great, that is a perfect start…

So for now I take the Interstate to Detroit in this miserable weather. At the gas station I realize, that the gas consumption is also higher than usual.

I–80, State Line PA and OH I–80, State Line PA and OH
I–80, State Line PA and OH

On I–79 I drive north and then on I–80 East. On this one I cross the state line to Ohio. Finally I continue on I–76 to circle around the toll roads.

I–77, OH I–77, OH
I–77, OH

At Akron I change from I–76 to I–77.

Like all the previous years, I drive on I–77, then I–490 and finally I–90 through Cleveland, Ohio.

From I–90 I turn onto Highway 2, which takes me again through the picturesque Sandusky Bay.

I–280, OH I–280, OH
I–280, OH
I–75, State Line OH and MI I–75, State Line OH and MI
I–75, State Line OH and MI

Finally I reach I–280 on Highway 2 and then I–75 through Toledo. Now I cross the last state line of the day: Michigan!

I–94, MI I–94, MI
I–94, MI

On I–75, I–275 and finally I–94 I approach Detroit.

Around 5pm I arrive at Matt & Jean in Dearborn Heights at Detroit. There was rain the whole driving time, sometimes it was really raining from the bucket. That’s why I am really glad that I eventually arrived. Just before Detroit someone even nearly crashed into my truck…

Matt immediately opens the door for me. He has put some pounds on but he really looks recovered! I tell him about my new issues and we do a quick stop at Adnan. He has his free day today, because it is Sunday. But we should just show up tomorrow again.

Then we drive back home and sit comfy together until Jean has finished dinner. The meal is really excellent but I must excuse myself for a couple of minutes to use the restroom. Haven’t been there now for two days. Unfortunately things are starting to cramp that my friends almost want to drive me to a hospital. But I declined and just lay down on the sofa. With the assistance of a heating cushion I soon recover. Maybe I just had too much stress the last couple of days…

I start to even feel this good that I am able to have a fine glass of Cognac with Matt. Around 11pm I go to my bed. All in all I am facing a long drive tomorrow…

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  • Breakfast: Eat’n Park, Cranberry
  • Dinner: Matt & Jean
  • Motel: Matt & Jean
  • Distance: 345 miles