Sullivan, Clinton and Broadhead Trail 1779

Day 19: September 21st, 2000 Buffalo — Franklin

Highway 187, NY Highway 187, NY
Highway 187, NY
Backroad, NY Backroad, NY
Backroad, NY
California Hill Road, NY California Hill Road, NY
California Hill Road, NY

Today I eventually leave Buffalo. But as almost usual I will have breakfast at “my” Denny’s. After my stop at the gas station I take Highway 78 and then Highway 187 to the south. On smaller backroads I travel via Highway 219 all the way to Salamanca.

Here I leave the backroads and take the main street through the city to the Seneca Iroquois National Museum. This museum shows you a lot about the Seneca Indians. They are one of the tribes of the five nations which I read about at Old Fort Niagara yesterday. They were also called the “People of the Longhouses” because they never lived in round or squared houses. They always had long rectangle buildings as homes. They also show at the museum how their rights were still mistreated twenty years ago. The building of a dam flooded most of the Indian Territory. Even with a lot of suggestions for alternatives none of them was considered. Even today you can feel the distance the people at the museum have against white peoples. It’s a feeling that you are not really welcomed…

After the visit I follow the Allegheny to Pittsburgh. This is now Daniel Broadhead’s trail in the other direction. He started the same time as Sullivan and Clinton on their fight against the Indians. Originally this should have been the beginning of my travels. But due to the delay in my start I had to skip this part and started directly with the Sullivan trail. Luckily I was able to gain some time on the trail which gives me now the chance to follow Daniel Broadhead’s trail at the end.

A short distance past Salamanca a “Road Closed” sign stops my traveling on the backroads. I have to turn around and travel a bit on Highway 17 until I am able to be on my backroads again. I follow the Allegheny as close as possible on nice winding roads. It is really fun to drive there with great views of the river. The banks are surrounded by trees — very nice nowadays, but at the time when Daniel Broadhead was traveling through this area behind every tree could be an Indian. This was very dangerous back then, but nowadays I can enjoy the views.

I cross the state line to Pennsylvania soon. Just past the state line I see a friendly Pick–Up driver who gives someone in a passenger car some gas. Yes, you should always keep an eye on the gas gauge. I always plan a stop at the gas station in the morning. Therefore I usually don't need another stop on the road. Only on very long distances I need a second stop at the gas station.

88 S10 Blazer, Althom Road, PA 88 S10 Blazer, Althom Road, PA
88 S10 Blazer, Althom Road, PA

I follow the Allegheny all the way to Tionesta. Originally I planned to travel straight on to the south like Daniel Broadhead who shortcut the big bend of the river there. But it’s time for me to find a Motel. Therefore I take Highway 62 to the west and still follow the Allegheny.

I plan to stay at the Super 8 Motel in Franklin. Eventually the prices are now more reasonable than in the tourist areas. I have a nice chat with the lady at the reception. She even has relatives in Germany. Finally she gives me the hint that the King’s Family Restaurant offers a discount for Super 8 guests. That is great, as I planned to have dinner there anyway!

I finish my check–in around 7pm and take all my stuff up to my room. Unfortunately the first floor is already booked. Also all non–smoking rooms are occupied. But my room doesn’t smell too much. So I will survive this one night.

Then I walk over to the restaurant for dinner. It’s a usual family restaurant — reasonably priced and good. But it is a big difference to the overpriced restaurants in Buffalo. Anyway, I am getting full here too and around half past eight I walk back to my motel.

  • Sights
  • Seneca Iroquois National Museum
  • General
  • Breakfast: Denny’s, Buffalo
  • Dinner: King’s Family Restaurant, Franklin
  • Motel: Super 8, Franklin
  • Distance: 172 miles