Zebulon Montgomery Pike Trail to Red River, Arkansas Journey 1806 — 1807

Day 2: August 16th, 2004 Pittsburgh (Mine)

88 S10 Blazer at Mine 88 S10 Blazer at Mine
88 S10 Blazer at Mine

First thing today is driving over to the mine. There I have to pay the rest of my storage bill, before we are able to drive into the mine to get my truck. But the gate does not open and we have to take another way to this storage section to reach my car. Unfortunately another car is blocking our way and we have to move it to the side. Then I hook up my battery and after a short time of starting the engine it really fires up without any external power!

We drive outside and I first check my automatic oil level. It is again a little bit too low. But after almost filling in one liter, everything is fine. Then I pump up my tires. It looks that my left front tire had lost most of the pressure, which is now down to 28psi. When I have put my truck in storage, I pumped all of them, up to 35psi. It looks like the tire with most of the scratches has lost most of the air.

Then we drive back home. First I buy all my stuff for the oil change and a new air filter. Then I change the air filter, take all of the stuff out of my car, which I have stored there last year and drive to my Chevy dealer at Wexford around 4pm. I already made the appointment, that I will drop off my car in the evening, that my car will be finished by tomorrow evening.

I hand over my keys and also mention my speedometer issue from last year. But I tell them, that I want to change the speedometer cable myself. Mike, who takes care of me today, is really friendly for the first time. He tells me, that the speedometer might cause issues during inspection. But if not, I can change the cable myself.

Helen picks me up and gets an extra key for her house, because Davy accidentally took the other one with him. Next we are getting a new vacuum cleaner at Sears for Davy’s new household. Then it is time for dinner. After dinner, Helen wants to wash her car, that she has a clean car when she leaves for New York.

Next we pick up some stuff for Davy at her mothers place which she already prepared, Then we drive over to her daughter to pick up the rest for Davy. Finally we pick up the stuff at Theresa and David, which I bought from ebay and some other dealers. Everything is there and we drive back home. There we rearrange the stuff in her car for her long journey tomorrow.

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