Zebulon Montgomery Pike Trail to the sources of the Mississippi 1805 — 1806

Day 13: August 23rd, 2002 Terre Haute — St. Louis

I already saw a Cracker Barrel yesterday, which is always a good choice for breakfast. So I have breakfast there today. As almost usual it is great. I leave the restaurant a quarter to nine and drive over to a gas station. Just past nine I set off for the last leg to St. Louis.

I–70, State Line IN and IL I–70, State Line IN and IL
I–70, State Line IN and IL
I–70, IL I–70, IL
I–70, IL

I have plenty of sunshine in the morning and it takes me only a little while to reach the state line to Illionois.

I–70, IL I–70, IL
I–70, IL

With my new car pod I am also able to turn the camera. This gives me the chance to video tape myself while driving — oh my gosh, I had hairs at that time long ago…

I–70, State Line IL and MO I–70, State Line IL and MO
I–70, State Line IL and MO

Soon I hit the first rain. Then the weather always changes between sunshine, drizzling and rain all the way to St. Louis. I already arrive at my motel around half past twelve. But due to rain and cloudy weather I have to skip my plans to visit downtown again.

I use the time to stock up my CD collection. I drive over to the nearest Wal Mart and spend almost two hours looking through all their CDs. Then I drive back to my motel and start listening through the first bunch of CDs.

I leave the motel around 8pm and drive over to the nearest Bob Evans. Around nine I leave and drive back where I continue listening my CDs. Around ten I am getting tired and go to bed. Tomorrow is the start of my trail!

  • Sights
  • General
  • Breakfast: Cracker Barrel, Terre Haute
  • Dinner: Bob Evans, St. Louis
  • Motel: Motel 6, St. Louis
  • Distance: 185 miles

Next day is in preparation…