George Rogers Clark Trail

Day 7: August 27th, 1999 Pittsburgh — Gallipolis

I will have breakfast again at King’s Family Restaurant, like the other days I have stayed at the Motel 6. I start my George Rogers Clark Trail at nine. At first I am follwing Highway 60 back to Pittsburgh. I am crossing the Ohio River, which will be on my side for the next week. Highway 65 follows the shores of the river until Rochester. Then I have to follow Highway 68, which turns into a smaller one lane road after Beaver. From time to time you have a chance to see the mighty Ohio and also all the industry in this area. You are always reminded which industry has made the region big.

Ohio River, OH Ohio River, OH
Ohio River, OH

When crossing the border from Pennsylvania to Ohio, the highway number changes from 68 to 39. Past Liverpool, Highway 7 follows the Ohio River. The roads are getting more and more worse. You can see, how the river is working on his shores. I make a short stop to use the chance for filming and photography. The weather today is great with plenty of sunshine.

I reach Marietta, where I want to visit the Ohio River Museum. One of the highlights is the completely renovated sternwheeler “W. P. Snyder”.

Sternwheeler W.P. Snyder Sternwheeler W.P. Snyder
Sternwheeler W.P. Snyder

I have the luck to be the only guest at the moment, so I get an exclusive tour with a lot of time for movie and photos. There was already a refrigerator on board in the old days, but not the glass in the windows. In bad weather they had to pull down wooden shields, which had a small slit to look through.

Sternwheeler W.P. Snyder Bridge Sternwheeler W.P. Snyder Bridge
Sternwheeler W.P. Snyder Bridge

After the tour I have the chance to talk to the workers, who are renovating the sternwheeler. One of them is very interested in history and he gets really excited, when I am telling him about the Lewis & Clark Trail I will follow soon. When saying goodbuy he warned me of the “Blackfeet” with a smile: “They are pretty mean out there!”

Sternwheeler W.P. Snyder Deck Sternwheeler W.P. Snyder Deck
Sternwheeler W.P. Snyder Deck

I am driving through the really beautiful Old Town of Marietta, which would be well worth a visit. Then I follow Highway 7 again to Belpre. There I have the chance to follow the much smaller Highway 124, which really “hugs” the Ohio for a couple of miles.

You can see the force of the river on this road, because there are so many parts of the road repaired. A sign “Rough Road” warns you and you should bear this sign in mind when you drive this road, because of your shocks.

Ohio River, OH Ohio River, OH
Ohio River, OH

Reaching Middleport I have to go back on the bigger Highway 7, which brings me to my final destination in Gallipolis: The Super 8 Motel. At half past six I am checking in. I plan a visit at Bob Evans for dinner. I have seen this restaurant when driving to the Motel and it looked really nice. It’s pretty much crowded, but I am traveling alone and so I have the luck to get a free table immediately. The dinner is great! And they also have breakfast. So I will be there tomorrow morning.

  • Sights
  • Ohio River Museum (Fee $3.50)
  • General
  • Breakfast: King’s Family Restaurant, Pittsburgh
  • Dinner: Bob Evans, Gallipolis
  • Motel: Super 8, Gallipolis
  • Distance: 295 miles