John Colter Trail 1807 — 1808

Day 1: August 14th, 2005 Munich — Pittsburgh

Also this year there are two carry–on luggage checks at the airport. In front of me is a guy, who is pierced all over and has chains attached everywhere. The lady at the other check point asks me to step over to her, because it will most likely take a while with this other guy…

Boarding starts on time at half past ten. They give me my seat just before, because they were trying to balance the seats. But mine was at least guaranteed. Therefore there is no need to worry for me. Obviously I don’t receive a windows seat. But at least they give me a seat at the aisle. Unfortunately the guy with all these chains has the seat next to me — and he smells so terribly like smoke, that I almost start to feel sick. This will be a great journey. But with time you start to adjust to this smell…

Anyway I am glad, when the plane lands in Chicago. There everything is as usual. Only the immigration looks a bit different, but almost not slower. Additionally to the usual tasks you must now give the fingerprints of both forefingers. Then they also take a picture with a digital camera — after that flight I am sure, the pictures will be great…

Then you must carry your suitcase through customs and then check in the baggage again. But this time I have to walk for quiet a distance until I reach the point. Unfortunately my suitcase was opened in Munich and they have not re–tightened the luggage strap accordingly. While trying to fix this, someone smashes my glasses of my face and is not even excusing for this. Probably one of these reckless tourist craps, who think, they own the whole world…

Eventually my suitcase is ready. But just in the last moment they figure out, that it must be dropped at a different point due to my US Airways connecting flight. Then I start walking to the departure gate. Despite all this chaos I still have plenty of time until my departure.

Around 5pm local time boarding starts again. However we must wait for a while at the runway, because there are a lot of planes in front of us. In spite of everything we arrive with only little delay in Pittsburgh just before 8pm.

Like every other year I call Helen immediately, that I don’t have to wait too long. All in all it takes her at least half an hour to arrive at the airport. But this time everything goes wrong. My suitcase is once again not in the plane and I am forced to go the lost and found office. When I have finished everything, Helen just arrives. The timing just worked out, that she doesn’t must drive any extra rounds.

Without my suitcase we drive to her home. Tonight she must stay at David’s house, because he is on vacation in Canada. His girlfriend is also not there. Therefore she must take care of the dogs. But she will be back tomorrow morning.

I drink something and she also makes me a sandwich. Then I go to bed — I also receive a pajamas (an old one from David junior). Lucky me that I have at least my tooth brush…

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