Lewis and Clark Trail Back Home 1805 — 1806

Day 6: August 17th, 2001 Pittsburgh (Preparations)

During my work on my car I have seen that the thermostat is leaking heavily. The loss is not only visible at the level but also on top of the engine. David suggests to also replace the thermostat when doing the sealing.

I also have seen yesterday that my back differential is leaking. But according to my mechanic’s bill he has checked all fluid levels. So I assume I do not loose too much oil there — I should be wrong…

I buy a battery box for my second battery today. The engine compartment is too full to install my second battery there. Best is to place the battery behind the drivers seat. Next stop is Radio Shack to check for a CB radio. The salesman also likes to travel in remote areas. He has been a couple of times in Alaska staying in tents. He suggests a nice CB radio with a magnet mount antenna. This saves me from drilling into the roof. I can also put the antenna at the best spot in the middle of the roof.

But first I finish the installation of my charging unit. Unfortunately the communication between the display unit and the charging unit in the engine compartment is not working. Even after a deep analysis I am not able to detect where the problem is burried. Therefore I start the installation of my CB radio. I have no real issues with that. I am only missing a device to adjust the antenna. This is something I will buy tomorrow.

Next I start the work on my thermostat. It is more important to have no leaks instead of the charger. But as usual after 10 years the screws are heavily rusted in. It takes me while to get them loose. But eventually I make it. Lucky me David has the same size of screws in the garage and I can work on.

It’s already 9pm when I finish the work for today. Hopefully I will find the communication problem in my charger unit tomorrow. I am slowly running out of time. Today is Friday and I have to leave latest on Monday. Otherwise I will not be able to complete my trail.

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