Sullivan, Clinton and Broadhead Trail 1779

Day 2: September 4th, 2000 Pittsburgh (Family Reunion)

My Jetlag wakes me up at 4am. After freshening myself I call the Motel reception and ask for my suitcase. It has already arrived and I can pick it up. Next I take a shower. I didn’t wanted to do this when putting on the old clothes afterwards. Next I call my travel agency. I am lucky and have someone skilled at the other end. Within the next half hour they will fax my Voucher to my Motel — why not from the beginning like that?

After managing these first issues I am ready for breakfast. It’s just past 6am and I hope the Bob Evans is already open at this time on Labor Day. There are not too many cars in the parking lot, but they open already on 6am on Labor Day. There are plenty of empty tables and they give me a bigger four person table. Ok, at this time it is unlikely they ran out of tables. Probably around ten you have to wait for at least half an hour for a table.

After a big breakfast I start to explore the area. I plan to meet with my American Family around lunch. This gives me plenty of time for exploring. The location of the Motel is really good. Not far away is even a Wal–Mart — located perfectly at the Allegheny County Line. This saves one percent taxes every time I go shopping there!

Just before noon I am back in my Motel to call my friends and receive a way description. After a little bit of searching I find the house again, where I have been last year for a brief visit. The welcome is again very affectionate. We take a long look at the Internet to find a suitable vehicle for me. I already made arrangements from Germany for the necessary insurance. Now I only have to find a car. But the vehicles below $3000 do not look very promising…

I have to leave around four to switch my rental cars. But before I leave I am invited for dinner, which I happily accept. I hit the road to reach the airport once again. I return my car and hike to the counter. I show them my faxed Voucher, which causes a lot of confusion and discussion among the employees. But eventually they give me the desired car. Only the costs for the first rental car will be kept and I have to arrange that with my travel agency in Germany. Great, looks like another year fighting for my money. But at least I have a nice car — a Mazda 626. This is the same car I had two years ago when I was traveling for my company in the US. Now I am driving back to my friends.

I have a great dinner and nice talking this evening. But around 9pm the Jetlag kicks in and I return to my Motel.

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  • Breakfast: Bob Evans, Cranberry Township
  • Dinner: Family Dinner
  • Motel: Super 8, Cranberry Township
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