Wilson Price Hunt Trail (‘Astorians’) 1811 — 1812

Day 1: August 13th, 2006 Munich — Pittsburgh

As usual, my flight story starts chaotically. A couple of days before my departure was an assault with fluids in London. Now, no one knows what is allowed to have in your carry–on and how much. Usually I have my whole camera equipment with me. Fluids are definitely not allowed. So I will have no emergency kit with shower gel etc. in my carry–on — now everything must go in my suitcase.

Around a quarter past four in the morning I get up and pack the rest of my stuff in my suitcase. At a quarter past seven we depart to the airport. My parents drive me directly over to Terminal 2, which charges parking for the first time. The waiting at the counters is already pretty long. But I have the luck to be waived over to the business check–in. There is also no one complaining about my heavy suitcase. In total I am below the limit. But a single suitcase is not allowed to weigh more than 55lbs!

Then I continue to the security. Because of what happened in London, I am here now an hour earlier — and I am through security just within 5 minutes! Seems like I wouldn’t had to hurry up this much…

I arrive so early, that even the US security check has not opened yet. They open at 8:45am according to German accuracy. So I have to wait for a while. But then things are going fast again. At 9am I am already at the gate, after a thoroughly but very friendly search at the security.

Boarding was planned at 10:35am. But due to issues with the airplane they moved boarding to 10:50am. Around 11:20am we are all sitting in the plane, but 6 passengers are still missing! That’s why we cannot depart before 11:40am!

The flight itself is then without any further issues. Because I have a mileage flight this time, I obviously was not able to get a window seat. But at least I was able to get a seat at the aisle. My neighbor doesn’t speak English. Seems like this will be a very silent flight.

At 1:40pm we arrive in Chicago. The immigration goes really smooth without any problems. Also my suitcase arrives just past me at the baggage carousal. This time, my baggage carousal is even directly at the exit. Also customs goes really smooth and fast. This time the drop off for the suitcases is way better organized than last time. This increases my hope, that my suitcase will not take a trip to the southern states this time.

Because my connecting flight does not yet show up on the monitors, I drive over to Terminal 1, where usually my connecting flights depart. Also here I have no issues with security. Only my carry–on will be searched through more thoroughly. At 2:45pm I have made it through everything and walk over to a gate, which is not too busy — Gate B1. At the security I was even able to give a businessman my waiting position, because he was in a real hurry to catch his flight — and I know, that things will take longer with my carry–on and I still have plenty of time. This guy was really happy, to be a little bit closer to his flight…

At 4pm I walk over to Gate B3, where my flight should depart. But an announcement sends me one hour later to Gate C15. The flight is completely booked and next to me sits a Japanese guy, who is easily scratching his toes and picks his nose — very pleasant…

Around half past nine I finally arrive in Pittsburgh. At 9:45pm I am at the public phone and call Helen. My suitcase is also with me this time and I am able to walk outside. At 10:20pm Helen arrives and we depart. On our way, we must make a brief stop at her Mom’s house, because the coffee machine is still there. At half past eleven I fall eventually dog tired in my bed…

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