Wilson Price Hunt Trail (‘Astorians’) 1811 — 1812

Day 5: August 17th, 2006 Pittsburgh (Car Work)

The day starts with calling garages, who might be able to install my Add–A–Leaf Kit. Then I drive over to my Chevrolet dealer in Wexford and order the shocks for my tail window. First they tell me, that delivery time will be around a week. But then they are able to arrange something to get the shock by tomorrow! These guys at the parts store really rock!

Next I drive over to Pep Boys and order my spare tire. I already picked up the rim at David and leave it there to put the tire on. At Wal–Mart I return the broken backup battery and buy a new one.

When I am back, I continue my garage calls from the morning. Eventually Truckoutfitters is willing to do the job, if I also get new U–bolts. After a long search and a hint from the guys at the Chevrolet parts store in Wexford I find Keystone Springs. They bend the U–bolt exactly to the size needed.

Truckoutfitters makes an appointment for me by noon tomorrow. Due to all this organizational work I arrive around 4pm at David’s garage, which is locked! So I start to change my window shocks outside. Then I get the idea to call Helen with my brand new prepaid mobile phone.

Only a little bit later she arrives and unlocks the garage for me. There I rearrange the layout for my CB antenna wiring and drill a hole in my roof. To seal everything I planned to use my silicone. But it’s already dried out. Seems like I have to buy a new one tomorrow. I also need a new connector for the cable. For now, I reuse the one from my old magnetic antenna.

At a quarter past eight I am back home and take a shower. Around a quarter past nine I leave for the Outback Steakhouse and receive there again a fantastic service!

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