Zebulon Montgomery Pike Trail to Red River, Arkansas Journey 1806 — 1807

Day 6: August 20th, 2004 Pittsburgh (Car Work)

Around nine my Chevrolet dealer from Wexford was supposed to call me. Around 10:30am I call them: The part has already arrived. So I hit the road. I ask my dealer if there is also a shop around, where I can find a suitable adapter for my sensor. He gives me a hint, but I am not able to find the store. So I drive once again to Pep Boys and buy something, that will (hopefully) fit.

Then I drive back to my garage and install the speedometer spare parts. Then it’s time for the next try with my sensor adapters. The size doesn’t look too bad. But I am able only to screw on one or two threads. Maybe a different gear?

So I have to start my search again tomorrow. In the meantime I start to work on the next issue: The torque converter lockup. After searching around for a while, I find the correct wires (thank to my new service manual). I also find a nice spot, where I can mount both switches (lock and unlock) and the control light.

Then I exchange the lights for the leg room. Yesterday I discovered by chance, that there are lights. They haven’t been working since I own my truck! Then I find spots for my new accessory stuff for the Hi–Lift Jack. Finally I install the roll and tilt gauge, which even has an illumination!

Finally I grease my Hi–Lift Jack, the joints at my car and the door rubbers. When I am finished, I tell Theresa, that I will leave now. Like the last days, after having a shower back home, I drive over to the Outback Steakhouse to have my 9 ounce steak. In the meantime I am really comfortable with that size of steak, because I don’t feel as stuffed and I even have the chance to have some slices of the bread. Unfortunately my speedometer still does not really work as it should…

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