Zebulon Montgomery Pike Trail to Red River, Mexico Journey 1807

Day 34: October 31st, 2003 San Marcos  — Navasota

When I was searching for my Outback Steakhouse yesterday, I also found again a Cracker Barrel. This is where I also plan to go for breakfast today. Seems like I am totally addicted to these apples in cinnamon sauce…

Then I drive again back to the mall to have a chance to video tape this giant mall. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do some shopping. So I directly drive over to the next gas station. Around ten I am ready for the next day trip.

Highway 80, TX Highway 80, TX
Highway 80, TX

First I take Highway 80 out of town in southeastern direction.

Highway 20, TX Highway 20, TX
Highway 20, TX

Then I follow Highway 80 to the exit of Highway 20 to the northeast. On this one I drive through Lockhart. Pike spent the night in the vicinity of this city on June, 14th.

Highway 71, Bastrop, TX Highway 71, Bastrop, TX
Highway 71, Bastrop, TX

Then I continue until I reach Highway 71 east. This part of the trail is also called the Texas Independence Trail. I drive through Bastrop up to the crossing of Highway 153.

Post Oak Road, TX Post Oak Road, TX
Post Oak Road, TX

On this one I drive through Winchester and continue to the Post Oak Road. This is again a small gravel road.

On Highway 2981 I drive to Highway 237 and through Oldenburg.

Highway 954, TX Highway 954, TX
Highway 954, TX

My trail continues on Highway 237 through Warrenton. Then I turn first onto Highway 954 and later onto Highway 389.

Highway 389, TX Highway 389, TX
Highway 389, TX

Highway 389 takes me all the way up to Brenham, where I take Highway 36. The weather is now getting worse from minute to minute. Hopefully it opens up when I reach the Washington-On-The-Brazos, my sight of today.

But for now I continue on the big Highway 105 until the exit of Highway 912. From now on I drive in the pouring rain until I reach Washington-On-The-Brazos.

As I was already afraid of, the rain is not slowing down. I park only 100 yards away from the visitor center. But if I would exit the car now, I would be soaked to the skin. I wait for almost an hour, but the rain was not getting less. Extremely disappointed I continue my journey on Highway 912 and then Highway 1155 until I finally reach the big Highway 105 again.

Highway 105, Brazos River, TX Highway 105, Brazos River, TX
Highway 105, Brazos River, TX

I cross the Brazos River on Highway 105 and drive all the way to Navasota, my destination of today. I plan to stay there at the local Super 8. But the search turns out to be way more difficult than expected. The way description is not very good and the rain with views down to 50 yards adds to this. The roads are in some spots so flooded, that the water splashes in high fountains to the side when driving through. Eventually I find the Super 8 motel after almost half an hour searching around. But after I know now where it is, it is fairly easy to find. Okay, let’s blame the rain for this…

I check in at around 4pm. This Super 8 is built like a “regular” motel, just one story high with parking in front of your room. This makes unloading my car way more easy, especially with the rain. In the meantime the rain has gotten less, but it still has not yet stopped. Seems like I can cancel this day completely.

In my room I check the video taping of today. Then I use the remaining time to eventually write my last picture post cards. Just before seven I leave to drive somewhere for dinner. When I was searching for the motel a steakhouse caught my eye: The Wrangler Steakhouse — if you wear a Wrangler Jeans you have to have dinner at this steakhouse. Also it was recommended by the motel employee. So I give it a try.

Everything is already set up for Halloween here. All the servers wear costumes. The steak is really great and the salad absolutely fresh Also the servers are great. If I should be in the area again, I will definitely go here for dinner again. I pay around half past seven and drive over to the Wal–Mart, who is along my way back home. Looks like my DV tapes are getting low and I want to avoid running out of them on the rest of my journey. So I take a double package with me. Also here the employees all wear Halloween costumes.

At a quarter to eight I am already on my way back to my motel. Tomorrow starts the last part of my trail. Pike reached American soil at the border of nowadays Texas and Louisiana. Also today the Sabine River is still the border river between both states, which was at that time the border to Mexico.

  • Sights
  • General
  • Breakfast: Cracker Barrel, San Marcos
  • Dinner: Wrangler Steakhouse, Navasota
  • Motel: Super 8, Navasota
  • Distance: 176 miles