Wilson Price Hunt Trail (‘Astorians’) 1811 — 1812

Day 3: August 15th, 2006 Pittsburgh (Chevrolet Dealer)

As usually on my second day, I wake up way too early. Around 4am I wake up for the first time and around 6:30am I get up. Again I use the time to repack my stuff for the trip. Around a quarter past seven I finally go to the bathroom.

Then I take a look at the installation manual of my Add–A–Leaf spring. Also the internet is a good source to figure out, what to expect. Then I enter all the GPS way points, until the memory of my GPS handheld is full. Around half past three, my Chevrolet dealer from Wexford calls me: The idler arm and left wheel brake cylinder are defective and must be replaced. The parts are already ordered and will arrive before noon. So I can only wait…

Helen spends the whole day at her Mom’s home to get everything ready, until she is back from hospital. I use the remaining time to note Hunt’s daily legs in my maps. Then Helen and I are driving over to Lonestar for dinner, where I invite her as a small thank you.

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  • Breakfast: Home
  • Dinner: Lonestar, Cranberry
  • Motel: Home
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