Zebulon Montgomery Pike Trail to Red River, Arkansas Journey 1806 — 1807

Day 4: August 18th, 2004 Pittsburgh (Car Work)

After I checked my company emails I drive over to Theresa. Around nine I arrive there and receive the garage key. First I take out the instrument cluster, which goes pretty straight forward thanks to the good descriptions in my manual.

The old speedometer cable still looks good, which I realized after exchanging it. But the entry through the firewall is really causing issues due to all the additional cables I have been running through this hole. It takes me several hours until everything fits together again.

Next I cover the sharp edges on the hose feed through to my additional transmission oil cooler with some open cut hoses. As it is now almost six in the evening, I finish my work for today and tell Theresa that I am now leaving.

Then I drive back home, take a shower and drive again to my Outback Steakhouse where I have another 9 ounce steak. This is still absolutely sufficient. Unfortunately I have to realize, that my speedometer is still not working correctly. Therefore only the gear box or the driven gear might be wrong.

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